R programming

Fedora Scientific includes R - a software environment for statistical computing. The R manuals are a good place to get started as well as extensive documentaion on R. The R-help is a mailing list which can be used to seek help on R.

rkward - a GUI for R is also installed.


rkward is not included in Fedora 28, you can however install it using: dnf -y install rkward.

R development in Jupyter

Using IRkernel, you can run your R code in Jupyter notebooks. First, you will have to install the czmq-devel package using dnf -y install czmq-devel from the terminal.

Then start the R interactive shell from the terminal ($R) and as per the install instructions, do:

> install.packages(c('rzmq','repr','IRkernel','IRdisplay'),
              repos = c('http://irkernel.github.io/', getOption('repos')),
              type = 'source')

Once that completes, run the following:

> IRkernel::installspec()

Now, start the Jupyter notebook server using ipython3 notebook and you will be able to select the R kernel.