Fedora Scientific includes the following miscellaneous software.


BibTool is installed to help you in manipulating BibTex data bases. To learn more about its features, please visit the project’s homepage.

Document arrangement

pdfshuffler - a tool for rearranging and modifying PDF files is available.

Screenshot taking software

shutter a screenshot taking tool is installed for taking screenshots if KDE’s KSnapshot is not meeting one’s needs.

Terminal Multiplexers

For power users doing most of their work from a terminal, the terminal multiplexers, tmux and screen are installed.

IRC Client

While working with open source projects, IRC is a useful mechanism for becoming part of a project’s community, seeking and providing help. hexchat is installed for communicating via IRC channels.


rlwrap is a readline wrapper and runs any command by “wrapping GNU readline” around it. It proves useful when working with interactive command line tools which does not use readline for an enhanced command line working experience.